Global Exporters of refractories


heat resistant and durable

Refractories are defined as those specific metals that are difficult to melt or work as they have a higher resistance to heat. In other words we can also say that refractory metals such as silica or Magnesite have a higher melting point than most metals.

Refractories are used in a variety of industries like Steel Plants or other manufacturing industries, where the temperature during the manufacturing processes increases substantially to such an extent that other metals or materials can't withstand the heat.


  • General Fire Bricks
  • Ramming Masses
  • Dense Fire Bricks
  • Ramming Mass for Induction Furnace
  • Bottom Pouring
  • Magnesia Carbon Bricks
  • Nozzles, Stopper Head
  • Dolomite Bricks
  • Mortars
  • Insulation Bricks
  • High Alumina Bricks
  • Insulation Castable
  • High Alumina Castables
  • Acid Proof Bricks
  • Low Cement Castable
  • Acid Proof Motar
  • Ultra Low Cement Castable
  • Redex ( Insuline) for Laddle & Tundish
  • Slide Gate & Tundish Refractories
  • Fire Bricks Sleeves high alumina castables
    nozzle mortar ramming mass
    high alumina bricks acid proof bricks insulation bricks

    Slide Gate Refractories